Bivouac Adventure Racing Team – Godzone 2018

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We are excited for the Bivouac Adventure Racing Team taking on Godzone in Fiordland starting on the 1st of March. This will be the 7th Godzone Race for Team Bivouac having competed in every race since Godzone began in 2012. With the support of Bivouac Outdoor the team has always been competitive, consistently placing in the top 10. There have been various combinations of team mates over the years but 2018 see a return to the original team that competed in the inaugural Godzone. This last time the original team raced together was Godzone Wanaka in 2015 where they placed fourth.

Ryan Thompson – Ryan is an Outdoor Ed and Te Reo teacher in the Coromandel. He loves the challenge and strategy of adventure racing. As the team navigator he usually has his head buried in a map. The team keeps a careful eye on him though as he’s been know to fall asleep while navigating.

Dayne Mcknight

Dayne Mcknight- Dayne enjoys fly fishing, motocross, downhill mountain biking and is a self employed plumber. He has never dropped out of an adventure race before the end but has had everything possible go wrong, hopefully this year’s Gozone runs smoothly for him!

Bex Law

Bex Law- Bex has been an adventure racer for the past 12 years, her go to race food is marmite and cheese sammies. As the team Mother she makes sure the teams feeling good, eating, sleeping and looking after their feet. She has a ton or races and adventures under her belt including; 13th place Coast to Coast longest Day, 5th place North Face 100km Ultra Marathon Australia, 13th place Adventure Racing World Champs Costa Rica & Ecuador, 2nd & 3rd XPD Adventure Race as well as 4th place in Godzone.

Jj Wilson

Jj Wilson- Jj has been a multisport and adventure racer for over 10 years. He loves all forms of the sport, anything that puts his body to the test. When he is not racing or training he loves bike touring and spending time outdoors in remote and secluded parts of New Zealand. For Jj, Adventure Racing it is not about the result but about testing the limits of what he is capable of. He works full time at ANZ and is always looking forward to his next trip.

It will be interesting to see their final prep and trip to the race! We here at Bivouac Outdoor are excited to have this fantastic team back and racing together again.

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